Got A Crew?

Dominican Holidaze is continuing the Got A Crew program to help push your experience over the top! 

Same program, new process. After trying the Got A Crew program for the first time last year, we have found some ways to make it even better. 

So gather your crew and read below to find out how to make your request...


Things You Should Know:

  • This request is not about room location on the property. We cannot accept location, room or building requests, just proximity to your crew. 

  • We will attempt to get your rooms within proximity of one another, however we cannot guarantee that you will be next door, on the same floor, or even in the same building. If you follow these steps, we will work with the hotel and do our best to honor your request. 

  • For the safety of our guests, all parties will need to confirm the crew placement request. 

  • Room locations and placements are reliant on the room type purchased. If rooms in your group fall into several different categories, it may not be possible to get rooms near one another. 

  • No more than THREE rooms can be submitted as a group request. 

  • All group requests MUST be submitted no later than November 1, 2016. After that time we are not able to take any more group rooming requests. 

  • We are NOT able to make any room location changes on-site at the event. 


Gather Your Crew!

Step 1: Your group should get together and select ONE person as the group leader. The group leader must be the Lead Guest of their reservation. That person is responsible to arrange no more than 3 rooms within the group.  

Step 2: After everyone in the group has booked a room, you will be able to make your request by completing the form below. 

Step 3: The group leader should look up their reservation number - either in their Cloud 9 Account or through a confirmation email - and collect the full name, reservation number, and email address for the Lead Guest of each reservation in the crew. 

Step 4: Once the form is completed by the group leader, each Lead Guest will receive an email confirming they want to be added to that person's crew. For the safety of all guests, every Lead Guest will need to respond to the email confirming before any notes are placed on the reservations. 

** If you enter a note in the reservation when you book your room, it will NOT be sufficient enough to make your request. The form needs to be filled out and ALL guests need to respond to the follow up confirmation email.