Positive Legacy

One World United Through Music

Positive Legacy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, works to magnify the cultural experiences of those attending Dominican Holidaze. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. Positive Legacy creates meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects to support the local community. 

Details about ways to give back, as well as the programs and initiatives that will allow us to leave a positive legacy in 2017, will be announced in the coming months. 

Dominican Holidaze 2016 Recap

Read more about the 2016 initiatives in the tiles below or get the full in-depth report from our adventure by visiting Positive Legacy's website.

Positive Legacy and the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation teamed up in 2012 to make improvements in the community of Veron. In the last five years we have donated over $50,000 to the Fuentes de Vida Project. This contributed to the construction of a natural waste water treatment facility and a sustainable clean water system to the 500 residents in the Domingo Maiz area. The treatment facility utilizes regional grasses and plants to naturally extract toxins from the water. The partnership’s three-step program has been recognized by the Dominican Republic government as award-winning and has created a model for the region to implement for water distribution.
Our 2016 Day of Service was an amazing day of community connection spent at the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation with local Domingo Maiz students. We went for a boat ride and snorkeled to discover more about the Foundation's innovative coral reef restoration efforts firsthand, then toured the bee keeping and composting areas to learn how they effectively and sustainably process waste. Younger children planted native flora on the beach dedicated to improving the habitat where sea turtles lay eggs. In the afternoon we ate a traditional Dominican lunch, played games, and danced to live music with the kids. Stay tuned for info on our 2017 Day of Service!
We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise just over $16,000 in the 2016 charity auction, making it the best auction in Dominican Holidaze history! Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as the Fuentes de Vida project. A special thank you to all of the Holidaze fans who bid in the silent & live auctions as well as to the musicians and artists who supported the auction with their custom donations.
Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to the DR for Dominican Holidaze. We appreciate those that donated to the carbon offset program in 2016. Your donations support a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. You can offset your carbon footprint by making a donation when booking your 2017 reservation.
The donations collected during Dominican Holidaze 2016 were disbursed to children during the Day of Service and to local medical clinics and schools in Veron, Dominican Republic. With items ranging from backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons, gloves, masks, swabs, and bandages - YOU were able to make a huge impact on the community’s quality of life. Thank you to everyone that donated to Positive Legacy in 2016. More information on how to donate and leave a positive legacy on the local community in 2017 will be released soon.